Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was great. Byron was so much fun. He loved getting presents just as much as he loved passing them out and then opening everyone else's. It was fun to watch him get so into it this year.
Santa also brought us another gift, Richard passed all four parts of the CPA exam!!! Wahoo!! Now he just has to complete a take home ethics test and do all of the other paperwork to get licensed. Hopefully he will be a licensed CPA this summer. It's so exciting! No more school!!
We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season as well.


Tressa said...

Tell Richard, "Congratulations!" for me. Glad to hear that all is done.

McKay & Dani said...

Oh my goodness!!! He is so big and soooo handsome!!! So happy that Richard is done with his tests!!!! Yay!!!